Uses of CRP in Veterinary Diagnostics

The use of acute phase proteins (APPs) in veterinary diagnostics has been subjected to much discussion over recent years. The tests are very sensitive, reproducible and cost effective, yet they have failed to become a routine tool in diagnosing and monitoring disease in small animals. In human medicine the C Reactive Protein (CRP) test is one of the most commonly requested assays by physicians, where it is used as a broad spectrum test for inflammation and to monitor if anti-inflammatory drugs are working effectively.

Production of acute phase proteins

Despite CRP playing a similar role in the dog, to date it has not been used widely in veterinary medicine. APPs are highly sensitive indicators of inflammation but they do lack specificity. It is likely that the lack of specificity plus the fact that APP testing has been suggested for a bewildering range of applications has resulted in the tests being underutilised in the veterinary clinic. However, APP testing can be very useful when employed in the right situations.

This application note has therefore been prepared to summarise the key areas where the CRP test can offer significant clinical value in canine health.

You can download the application note HERE.

For more information regarding the use of CRP and other APPs, you can download our literature here – APP Literature