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Introducing Natural VetCare Prescribed, the veterinary exclusive nutraceutical range brought to you by Avacta Animal Health.

Manufactured in the UK and trusted by vets for over thirty years to support pet health with both equine and companion animal supplements, the new Natural VetCare Prescribed range has been developed to support practices in retaining clients. Conveniently available through veterinary wholesalers yet delivered in a format which ensures exclusivity.

Maintaining skin and joint in pets is not simple, they are complex. Natural VetCare Prescribed formulas are therefore not simple. They use multi-factorial nutrients with multiple benefits designed to meet the complex demands of skin and joint health.

The Natural VetCare Prescribed product range offers:NVCP-box-group_Low res

– Cani Flex, for canine joint care

– Cani Flex Senior, for canine senior care

– Cani Skin, for canine skin care

– Feli Skin, for feline skin care

The fact each ingredient supports the efficacy of another has been well documented in independent trials and we do not therefore simply rely on one or two well recognised ingredients. The ingredients themselves are proven to have antioxidant, gut support and targeted nutritional benefits. Each ingredient has hundreds of individual components, with the formulation delivering the right complexity and optimum ratio of carriers and actives to synergistically maintain balance within the body.

For more information on the Natural VetCare product range, go to or contact your local Avacta territory manager.

Natural VetCare Prescribed is available in your wholesaler today.

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