Make time for old age campaign to help stimulate conversation with owners of older dogs has today released a piece on the ‘Make time for old age campaign’ and how this can stimulate conversation between vets and owners of senior dogs to identify common health issues before they become an issue.

Avacta Animal Health’s Johanna Gourlay MRCVS said she believed some owners just accepted changes in mobility, demeanour and cognitive function as part of the ageing process, without realising there were, in fact, many ways they could do more to help.

Vets are being encouraged to drive conversations with owners of senior dogs

Vets are being encouraged to drive conversations with owners of senior dogs

“Many of the changes associated with ageing occur very gradually, potentially going unnoticed until much further down the line. For example, it may only be when the dog stops climbing stairs altogether, or is barking during the night, that the owner decides to seek help.”

“Our ‘Make time for old age’ campaign aims to stimulate conversation between the vet and owner of every older dog brought in for a consultation, to find out how its behaviour may have changed in recent weeks, months or sometimes years, and talk through what can be done to help.

“As part of the solution, and to encourage discussion about this important area, we have specifically designed a client leaflet that incorporates a checklist owners can use to identify older age issues in their dog.”

You can read the full article on the website and request your free senior dog client literature HERE.