Webinar now available: The Pruritic Horse – Approach and Treatment

Presented by Professor Stephen  D.White DVM, Dip. ACVD

Pruritus is a common presenting complaint in equine practice. This webinar will emphasise a clinical, rational approach to the main causes of pruritus in the horse: allergies, arthropods, and infections. Both diagnostic and treatment options will be explained.

The webinar will cover the following:

  • The most common allergic causes of equine pruritus, including equine atopic dermatitis (environmental allergies: pollens, storage mites, etc).
  • Treatment options for equine atopic dermatitis, which non-steroidal systemic medications work in the author’s experience and which do not.
  • Information about urticarial (hives) and when it is involved in pruritus or allergic response.
  • Types of fly control, emphasising which methods are best suited to which insect species.
  • Non-flying arthropods causing pruritus and various treatments.
  • Consideration of secondary bacterial infections as a cause of pruritus.