Overseas Vets

If you are outside the UK and would like to send us tests directly, please following the below instructions. If one of our authorised labs operates in your country please contact them directly.

Click here for a list of our authorised labs worldwide

General Information on SENSITEST Tests for Overseas Veterinarians


Serum is required for overseas samples not whole blood. This can be frozen if necessary beforehand. Please ensure sufficient serum is sent to perform the test(s).

Packaging of Samples

Place the serum tube(s) in a leak proof container and biohazard bag and then pack securely with cushioning material in secondary packaging that is strong enough to withstand handling encountered during transport overseas shipping.

Submission Forms

Fully completed submission forms must accompany each sample.

Download a submission form by clicking HERE

Laboratory Address

Please send samples to:

Avacta Animal Health
Unit 651, Thorp Arch Estate
LS23 7FZ


Please email us when you send a sample to advise us of the shipment date and the name of the animal so that we can contact you upon receipt of the sample.

Import Licences

For EU countries, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein: Please download and print the Facilitation Letter and include this in the external paperwork of the packaging, as it will speed up procedures at border control.

For Channel Islands: Please download and print a copy of your Import Licence: Channel Islands Import Licence

“Animal by-products for the use in in-vitro and in-vivo laboratory research and diagnostic use which have undergone processing to such an extent that they should be regarded as processed and out of scope of the animal by-products Regulation (EU) No 142/2011;

For non-EU countries: A General Import Licence issued by DEFRA/AHVLA and a Consignment Letter are required.

A General Import Licence is available to download and print to accompany your sample submission: General Import Licence

Consignment Letter – a template is provided for you to copy on to your Practice letterhead – remember to sign it!: Consignment Declaration Template

Failure to include the correct documentation will compromise our service by the seizure of serum samples at border posts.

New Customer Form

If this is the first time you have used our service please complete this form and send with the sample or via email in advance.

Download form

Price and Payment Terms

The same price as our UK veterinary customers will be applied to overseas veterinarians. Please contact us for a current Price List.




AAHSF Submission Form PDF Must accompany all samples
AAHNCF New Customer Form Template for completion Complete the first time you trade
AHVLA EU Facilitation Letter PDF For EU members, Norway, Switzerland & Liechtenstein
IMPGEN2013/01 Channel Islands Import Licence PDF For C Islands
IMPGEN2014/02 Non EU General Import Licence PDF For non-EU countries
AAHCL2014 Consignment Letter Template for completion For non-EU countries
AAHPL2014 Price List Contact us for a current list technical.support@avacta.com
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