Acute Phase Proteins (APPs)

Acute Phase Proteins (APPs) are produced by all mammalian species in response to physical trauma such as tissue damage, infection or inflammatory conditions. Their main function in all animals is to assist in the fight against infection, minimise tissue damage and to speed up the healing process. They all share the following characteristics:

• APPs are plasma proteins that rapidly increase (or decrease) in concentration in response to inflammation, infection or trauma.
• APPs provide an objective measure of the health status of an animal because their concentration is related to the severity of the underlying clinical condition.
• Due to the speed of the APP response, measuring APP concentrations can help identify sub-clinical (before symptoms) conditions.

Avacta Animal Health offers the following APPs through our SENSITEST reference laboratory service:

app table

Serum CRP levels increase dramatically within 4 – 6 hours of an inflammatory stimulus. If the inflammation ceases, CRP concentrations in the blood peak within 48 hours and then return to normal level within 1 – 2 weeks.

This acute response to a broad spectrum of inflammatory stimuli (bacterial infection and tissue damage resulting from disease or injury) provides a rapid and reliable measure of disease progression and recovery.

Our application notes on the uses of CRP in veterinary medicine and using CRP to monitor resolution and recurrence in canine steroid responsive meningitis-arteritis (SRMA) provides insights into the significant value this can provide to canine health.

To find out more about the applications of acute phase proteins in veterinary medicine, please download our Acute Phase Proteins brochure HERE

Acute Phase Protein kits

We also offer APP kits for veterinary laboratories. Our Canine CRP kit is available in two formats:

  • Turbidimetric immunoassay that is compatible with the automated bioanalyser for high sample throughput
  • 96-well ELISA plate format for smaller laboratories
Both assays have very good correlation to each other and can be used interchangeably as required.

You can find information on our kits offerings in our Immunoassay kit section HERE

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