Our Core Values

Our decisions are based on these core values:

  • Customer focussed
    We listen to our customers and seek an in-depth understanding of your needs, beginning with the choice of developments through to the delivery of test results.
  • Delivery is everything
    Above all else, we strive to meet or exceed our promises. We only claim test performance that is validated and service that we can deliver.
  • Independent
    We are independent and use this freedom to make the best choices for our customers and not our vested interests.
  • Innovative
    We look for innovative tests, methods of delivery and support to help our customers provide a better service.
  • Supportive
    We provide access to technical, scientific and service support for each of our tests.
  • Prepared to invest
    We invest in new tests and in improving our existing offerings, often in response to customer requests and always with the intention of providing a better outcome for diagnosis. We also invest heavily in relationships, with customers and external experts.