The History of Avacta Animal Health

How did we get here?

The development of Avacta Animal Health in brief

Founded in 1999 (YorkTest Veterinary Services) with the specific aim of developing unique serological allergy tests in the veterinary field. Becoming part of the innovative Avacta Group in 2009 assisted our goal to ensure SENSITEST® was established as the market leading allergy service. This range of allergy tests assists companion animal veterinary surgeons in their diagnosis of allergies in cats, dogs and horses. Not only do we conduct the tests at our Yorkshire based laboratory but we also develop and manufacture bespoke assays for our international authorised labs.

To complement our tests we supply a portfolio of allergy therapies including allergen-specific immunotherapy and are the appointed UK distributor for Delmont’s Staphylococcus Phage Lysate.

Avacta Animal Health also specialises in acute phase protein assays for companion animals to support veterinarians worldwide; this was provided by ReactivLab who became part of Avacta Animal Health in 2010.

In November 2013 we launched our unique canine lymphoma blood test (cLBT), which measures the levels of C-RP and HAPT, then combines these readings with a unique algorithm, to provide a new tool to assist vets in the diagnosis and remission monitoring of canine lymphoma.

Core Values

Our decisions are based on these core values:

  • Customer focussed
    We listen to our customers and seek an in-depth understanding of your needs, beginning with the choice of developments through to the delivery of test results.
  • Delivery is everything
    Above all else, we strive to meet or exceed our promises. We only claim test performance that is validated and service that we can deliver.
  • Independent
    We are independent and use this freedom to make the best choices for our customers and not our vested interests.
  • Innovative
    We look for innovative tests, methods of delivery and support to help our customers provide a better service.
  • Supportive
    We provide access to technical, scientific and service support for each of our tests.
  • Prepared to invest
    We invest in new tests and in improving our existing offerings, often in response to customer requests and always with the intention of providing a better outcome for diagnosis. We also invest heavily in relationships, with customers and external experts.