Contract Research and Development Projects

We have experience in a variety of contract projects, having worked with large commercial organisations, SMEs and academic groups. Our clients include international pet food manufacturers, point of care assay companies, universities, emergency vets and vet schools. All projects are thoroughly scoped with our clients to ensure delivery within set requirements and deadlines. We are utilising data science to support our research studies and product portfolio. We have experience in all areas of data science including data cleansing, exploratory data analysis, statistical analysis, data visualisation, big data, machine learning, deep learning and the development of data driven products. We have applied these techniques to develop a statistical model for biomarkers and deep learning for medical imaging. Contact us for more information or how we can use your data to meet your research goals.
Previous research projects have included identifying novel proteins that do not elicit an allergic response for inclusion in hypoallergenic diets, investigating cross-reactivity between allergens, and identifying novel biomarkers for screening of animals and diagnosis of disease. Many of our previous projects have been presented at international conferences, as posters or oral presentations, or published in peer-reviewed journals.

If you are considering outsourcing your R&D work please let us know by contacting our Technical Support team. We will be very happy to discuss your project with you in detail. To view our standard contract research services standard terms and conditions, please click here.