Adverse food reactions may accompany atopic dermatitis, therefore it is advisable to undertake a strict dietary trial first. Eliminate any other causes of pruritus for example fleas, parasitic, bacterial and yeast infections. Avoidance where possible of positive indoor/outdoor allergens. If no or partial response is seen, then an allergen–specific immunotherapy treatment may be selected.


This is a bespoke allergen specific therapy, available for cats, dogs and horses. Immunotherapy is a desensitizing therapy specific to the SENSITEST® test results and targets the root cause of allergy providing long term relief to symptoms.
Dog Allergy Injection

For more information please download our Immunotherapy leaflet

To allow us to process the order, a certificate (SIC) is required, which must be applied for by a veterinary surgeon through the VMD website.

The downloadable forms below will assist with your order:

  • Immunotherapy Allergen Selection Sheet (Word 2010 version) – Download Here
  • Immunotherapy Allergen Selection Sheet (Adobe PDF version) – Download Here

To aid post testing treatment, an ‘Allergen Selection Sheet’ is provided with positive test results (excluding Food and Sarcoptes). This sheet encompasses the results and highlights the allergens you may wish to include in the therapy. You may also use the downloadable forms above.


Webinar – how to get the best out of allergen-specific immunotherapy:

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