Select an appropriate diet based on the positive IgE and IgG scores which avoids the problem foods. This should also include removing any treats and snacks that contain any offending foods. For companion animals we can supply a dietary food chart containing the main veterinary prescribed diets, to assist with your selection – click here to download

If an adverse food reaction is involved, most cases will respond to the new diet within 4-6 weeks, but occasionally cases may take up to 10 weeks to respond, particularly if the disease is very chronic. If there is a response, the diagnosis must be confirmed by reintroduction of the original diet or components of it. This is because in up to 20% of cases it has been shown that any clinical response may not be due to dietary change but is coincidental and these cases do not relapse upon dietary challenge. In a positive challenge, the patient usually relapses within 7-14 days, but occasionally it may take up to 3 weeks.

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Now available – CYNO/FELI-DIAL – an innovative new test which can assist in the selection of veterinary prescribed diet. Click here to learn more.

Our food chart provides the dietary components of the main veterinary prescribed diets.