Immunoassay Kits

We have immunoassay kits available for our allergy tests, acute phase proteins (APPs) and other veterinary biomarkers.

The majority of our immunoassays are based on a colourimetric sandwich Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) format meaning interpretation of results in your lab is straight-forward. Signal is visualised by the addition of a chemical substrate to the plate and is read on an absorbance plate reader. The intensity of signal is proportional to the concentration of the analyte in the samples. We provide all ELISA plates, calibrators and controls needed in the kit.

Careful consideration is given to the source of antibodies and standards used within each test; where possible we try to build our tests using species-specific antibodies and standards rarely relying on cross-reactivity between species.

Each assay is fully optimised, followed by assessments of assay range, dilution linearity, matrix effect, inter- and intra-assay precision and accuracy. Subsequently, each test is validated and has the stability assessed. Kits are also manufactured and QC tested in-house by our manufacturing laboratory. Using this rigorous approach allows us to have tight control over our tests and means we can deliver fast and effective troubleshooting and technical advice when required.

We have a range of assays already available for the veterinary market and are continuously working on new projects. All kits are sold with a guaranteed expiry date and contain the necessary calibrators and controls in a ready-to-use format. For larger orders, a custom production can be arranged to guarantee longer expiry dates as required.

We manufacture and can supply our SENSITEST® allergy kits for authorised labs and distributors worldwide. For details on our available kits see below.

For more information contact our Technical Support team.

wdt_ID Kit Species Format Assay Time Dynamic range Sample dilution
1 SENSITEST® Food (IgE/IgG) Canine, Feline 96-well ELISA 2 days Arbitrary units Varied
2 SENSITEST® Environmental (IgE only) Canine, Feline 96-well ELISA 2 days Arbitrary units 1 in 10
3 SENSITEST® Secondary Infection (IgE/IgG) Canine 96-well ELISA 2 days Arbitrary units Varied
4 SENSITEST® Equine IgE Equine 96-well ELISA 3 days Arbitrary units 1 in 10
5 SENSITEST® Equine Complete (IgE/IgG) Equine 96-well ELISA 3 days Arbitrary units Varied
6 C-reactive Protein Canine 96-well ELISA < 1 hour 0.78 - 25 ng/mL 1 in 4000
7 Haptoglobin Canine 96-well ELISA < 3 hours 1.17-75 ng/mL 1 in 100,000
8 Alpha -1 Acid Glycoprotein (AGP) Feline 96-well ELISA < 3 hours 1.25-80 ng/mL 1 in 75,000

Other APP kits are currently in development. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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