Presentations & Publications

  • Cornstarch is less allergenic than corn flour in dogs and cats previously sensitized to corn. Thierry Olivry and Jennifer Bexley. BMC Veterinary Research (2018) 14:207
  • Extensive protein hydrolyzation is indispensable to prevent IgE-mediated poultry allergen recognition in dogs and cats. Olivry, T, Bexley, J and Mougeot, I. (2017). BMC Veterinary Research, Volume 13: 251
  • Co-sensitization and cross-reactivity between related and unrelated food allergens in dogs – a serological study. Bexley, J, Nuttall, T.J., Hammerberg, B and Halliwell, R.E.W. (2016). Veterinary Dermatology, 28(1): 31-e7
  • Multifactorial Computational Diagnosis of Feline Lymphoma Employing Acute Phase Protein Measurements. Sarah Gillings, Agata Michalak, Jennifer Bristow, Kurt Baldwin, Tariq Shah, Kevin Slater, Veterinary Cancer Society Annual Conference, October 2015
  • Utility of a multiple serum biomarker test to monitor remission status and relapse in dogs with lymphoma undergoing treatment with chemotherapy. Alexandrakis, R. Tuli, S. C. Ractliffe, S. W. Tappin, R. D. Foale, A. Roos and K. J. Slater, Veterinary and Comparative Oncology, October 2014.
  • Serum anti-Staphylococcus pseudintermedius IgE and IgG antibodies in dogs with atopic dermatitis and non-atopic dogs. Jennifer Bexley, Timothy J. Nuttall, Bruce Hammerberg, J. Ross Fitzgerald, Richard E. Halliwell. Veterinary Dermatology, February 2013.
  •  Patch testing and allergen-specific serum IgE and IgG antibodies in the diagnosis of canine adverse food reactions. Simone Bethlehem, Jennifer Bexley, Ralf S. Mueller, Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, February 2012.
  •  Food allergen-specific serum IgG and IgE before and after elimination diets in allergic dogs. Anja Zimmer, Jennifer Bexley, Richard E.W Halliwell, Ralf S. Mueller. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, December 2011.
  • Levels of house dust mite-specific serum immunoglobulin E (IgE) in different cat populations using a monoclonal based anti-IgE enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Jennifer Bexley, Janice E. Hogg, Bruce Hammerberg, Richard E.W. Halliwell. Veterinary Dermatology, July 2009.

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