Canine and Feline Veterinary Diets Tools

At Avacta Animal Health we are continuously looking at innovative ways to improve our services.

You may be aware of our work-up chart. This has proven to be a very useful tool within the veterinary practice for use during consultations with pet owners whose dogs or cats show clinical signs of allergy.

The work-up chart includes a canine and feline dietary chart for those owners not wanting to do a home cooked elimination diet. This helps veterinary professionals choose the best commercial pet foods available for a dietary trial depending on serological food test results. The pet’s dietary history should also always be considered.

However, due to the amount of information included on the charts, it can be a little tricky when cross-referencing results with the ingredients listed in each pet food. To assist with this, we have now developed online versions of the charts which can be filtered using the food test outcomes.

The food types that you would like listed are selected (i.e. wet food, dry food, treats and/or mixers) and then any foods that have an IgE or IgG score greater than ‘0’ are eliminated from the database.  A list of suitable veterinary diets is then generated which can then be printed or exported into an excel spreadsheet which can then be provided to the client.

We hope you find these new tools useful, but if you have any suggestions for further improvements then please do not hesitate to contact us at

The development of the veterinary dietary charts was kindly sponsored by Hill’s, Royal Canin, Virbac, Purina, James Wellbeloved and Fish4Dogs.


Click here to go to the canine veterinary diets database.


Click here to go to the feline veterinary diets database.