Charity Support Ahead of Pet Allergy Week (PAW)

The organiser of Pet Allergy Week (PAW), Avacta Animal Health, has announced it is to sponsor and provide ongoing free allergy testing to Yorkshire and Midlands based, Jerry Green Dog Rescue.

The Gorgeous Husky, Eden (pictured) is clearly very proud and as excited as we are to get behind the campaign, says Jerry Green’s centre support officer, Emma Cook. “We’re all thrilled that the team at Avacta has chosen to help the dogs here at Jerry Green Rescue.

“Previously we could only afford to test dogs that had a real issue. The sponsorship means that we can now test any dog that we believe may have an allergy, which is great for the dogs and also good news for their future owners too.

“It’s great to have the dogs allergy tested and be able to know if there is an issue, and if so what allergies are detected. Food allergies are particularly important as in these cases it can help the dogs to get re-homed if the new owner know what foods to avoid, instead of thinking they will need to buy expensive food,” adds Emma.

Domino in his new homeThe first dog at the centre to receive the free SENSITEST allergy screening was Domino, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. “We received Domino’s allergy test results and found that he can only eat turkey, rabbit and fish. He improved a lot after switching his food to include just these meats, and has since been rehomed. His new owner is delighted with Domino and says he is settling in really well.”

The announcement comes ahead of the UK’s second PAW, June 6-12, which again aims to help veterinary practices raise awareness of allergies in cats and dogs. Avacta head of marketing, Joanne Soundy, says it’s important to create more opportunities for vets to examine pets whose owners may be unaware that they are suffering, and who may benefit from an allergy test followed by recommendations for appropriate treatment and management.

“Over 500 practices took part in the first PAW initiative in 2015, demonstrating that there is a real need for the campaign. We hope that by supporting Jerry Green we can help animals that need support but where funding can be difficult,” adds Joanne.

For more information on PAW and to help to raise awareness of dogs and cats with allergies and the benefits of allergy testing, click HERE