A day in the life of the Avacta Animal Health Technical Support Team

Our Technical Support Team currently has four members all of whom love animals, so for most of us the day really begins before work – making sure dogs are walked, horses are checked and cats are fed. The office here at Avacta then opens at 8:30am and, as most of you will agree I am sure, the best way to start the day is with a brew – we are based in Yorkshire after all!

Our initial focus each morning will be to check all pending enquiries which have come into us since close of play the day before and make sure these are answered as promptly as possible. No question is too big or too small for the team. We are always happy to help with whatever question any staff in your practice might have; from how to submit a sample and what it will cost, to guidance on results interpretation or finding a missing invoice.

Throughout the morning we will also help our Sample Receipt Team resolve any issues they come across such as incomplete sub forms and insufficient samples. Pretty much all queries will be resolved that morning, although a completely blank sub form sometimes proves to be too much of a mystery!

Once tests in the lab have been run it is our job to upload the data, cross-check results and report these to practices. The most popular tests we run are for canine allergy, and this task might take one member of the team a full day to complete. We take time to make sure you are provided with all the relevant information needed to interpret results allowing you to make decisions about further management or therapy. This includes putting together our fantastic client packs and hand picking the ‘hints and tips’ inserts which are relevant to each specific set of results.

Processing orders for immunotherapy and Staphage LysateTM (SPL) is another key part of our role. This involves checking import certificates to make sure practices are covered to import the correct product, and then relaying the order details to the product manufacturers. Remember, if you ever have any queries about applying for paperwork, or interpreting results for allergen selection, our team are here to provide guidance to help you with the process.

In addition to these jobs, our working day is made up of many more tasks including invoicing, ordering stock, sending literature to practices, generating immunotherapy reminders and logging case histories on our database.

As well as our Technical Support roles we each have support roles in other departments which add even more variety to our work. It is really interesting to spend time in other teams; learning how our lab analysts run the machines, finding out what our R&D Team are up to next and helping our Marketing Team keep in touch with our customers. Throughout the year we also enjoy being involved with BSAVA and London Vet Show, as well as occasionally heading out on the road with one of our Territory Managers. These are all great ways to meet the people we speak to on the phone and email face to face!

We are all science degree educated and have great training here at Avacta, so we are really proud of the standard of service we are able to provide. Next time you have an issue or query, no matter what it is, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 3047 047 or send us an email to customer.services@avacta.com.

We are always keen to hear your thoughts so that we can improve and develop the team further. One way to give your feedback is by completing our questionnaire, here, in return for an Amazon voucher.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Written by Emma Kilmurray – Technical Support Manager


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