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Feline allergy – its diagnosis and treatment
Tuesday 23rd April, 7.30pm
Presented by Professor Richard Halliwell MA VetMB PhD DECVD MRCVS

Cats have been a neglected area of dermatology, and at the recent Vancouver World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, the two day session on feline dermatology was one of the best attended of all. This webinar will include some of the material from this Congress.

It will commence with a brief overview of the diagnostic approach, and then describe the various types of reaction patterns that are seen with feline pruritic skin diseases. The clinician must first eliminate the non-allergic causes of pruritus (which are numerous) before moving on to a workup for allergy. The contrasting signs between atopic dermatitis and food allergy will be emphasised, and the approach to making a final diagnosis discussed. Treatment options, both novel and tried and tested will be described.

The atopic cat can manifest both dermatological signs and also respiratory signs, and there is increasing evidence that feline asthma is in fact an important and common manifestation of atopy. The latest approaches to therapy of this often serious and even life-threatening condition will be described.