New – Feline Environmental Screen

After the success of the introduction of the canine environmental screen, Avacta Animal Health are pleased to announce the introduction of a feline environmental screen test.

The test provides a cost effective solution to identifying environmental allergies in feline pruritus. The test uses the same ELISA technology as our existing allergy test ranges.

You will receive a positive/negative result to four mixed allergy panels (weeds, trees, grasses, and household allergens). This will then allow the elimination of negative results and the opportunity to expand and investigate any positive panels. This provides an economic method of work-up and an excellent precursor to allergen-specific immunotherapy treatment.

Prices (exc VAT)

Feline environmental screen £28.00
1 investigation panel £35.00
2 investigation panel £50.00
3 investigation panel £80.00

If you would like any further information about our FELINE ENVIRONMENTAL SCREEN, require a submission box or any other information call us on 0800 8494 550 or email