Pet Allergy Week and Equine Allergy Week are Here!

We are proud to announce that Pet Allergy Week (PAW) and Equine Allergy Week (EAW) start today. The PAW campaign was initially conceived by Avacta Animal Health in 2015 to assist veterinary practices increase client awareness of allergies in dogs and cats and it is now in its fourth year. Also, now that serological allergy testing is widely accepted as part of the work-up of the pruritic horse (as presented at both the latest European and World Congresses of Dermatology) we have now introduced Equine Allergy Week to compliment the PAW campaign.

The theme for this year is ‘The Allergy Threshold’ which aims to aid client understanding that multiple allergens could be contributing to the clinical signs seen in dogs, cats and horses and the importance of ruling out other causes of pruritus first.

Veterinary practices who registered for PAW & EAW 2018 received a whole array of benefits including; direct marketing material to help drive client demand for allergy testing in a responsible way, a practice competition for the best overall campaigns and substantial discounts on certain allergy packages throughout the entire PAW & EAW campaign period.

There has been a flurry of activity from both small animal & equine veterinary practices leading up to PAW and EAW as they put the marketing materials which were provided to good use.

This has included Facebook posts from Mackie & Brechin, tweets from Greenbay Vets & a client evening at Homefield Road Veterinary Surgery!

We are very excited to see all the innovative and creative ways practices use to increase awareness of allergy over the coming weeks.

Registration for PAW and EAW for this year has now closed, but if you are interested in hearing about future campaigns then you can register to receive communications for Avacta Animal Health specific to your areas of interest here.