The Allergy Toolkit

Atopic dermatitis is a diagnosis of exclusion. With this in mind, the allergy toolkit was created to help systematically rule out common causes of pruritus in dogs and cats, and thus complement the food and environmental testing for which Avacta Animal Health is known and trusted.

The flowchart below shows the complete toolkit now being offered. Designed to be completely flexible to the needs of different veterinary professionals, it enables a comprehensive work-up to be carried out, testing for; bacterial and yeast infections, ectoparasites and fungal infections, food and environmental allergy. Alternatively, a specific section or individual test can be selected dependent on case requirements.

Our detailed results pack has been devised to make test interpretation simple and clear. It includes client friendly versions of the results, with bespoke microscopy images from their own pet where possible, aiding their understanding and thus supporting enhanced treatment compliance.

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