Winter Woes – Managing allergies throughout the colder months

We know this time of year can be just as tricky as the summer months for certain animals. Indoor allergens are remarkably common in dogs, cats, horses and humans and can cause serious skin and respiratory problems for all species. Our new Winter Woes campaign raises awareness of the indoor allergens; house dust mites, storage mites, moulds, fleas and dander, that can be problematic for many animals throughout the year.

As part of campaign, we are delighted to provide you with a number of free informative resources for your practice and to share with your clients.

Our new waiting room poster, provides practical hints and tips on reducing an animal’s exposure to indoor allergens around the house. It includes simple suggestions such as emptying the animal’s food from a big food bag into smaller, resealable containers, and freezing the animal’s stuffed toys, along with extra precautions to be aware of when drying clothes indoors and managing your compost heap. You can request your free poster from your local Territory Manager or our Technical Support Team.

In addition to this, our Senior Veterinary Technical Advisor, Johanna Forsyth has produced a blog on the top 5 indoor allergens (house dust mites, storage mites, moulds, fleas and dander) with practical tips for reducing an animal’s exposure to them. You can read the article HERE

It’s not just dogs and cats that struggle with indoor allergies at this time of year, as our Technical Support Manager, Emma Kilmurray looks at the hidden allergens lurking in a horse’s indoor environment. This article highlights the many different places within a horse’s stable, feed stores and tack room where these troublesome allergens can be found, with tips on how to minimise them and reduce exposure to them. You can read this article HERE.


We will be sharing these articles across social media throughout the campaign and would be delighted if you did too! If you would like to request a winter woes social media pack featuring blog articles, social media banners and infographics, email

To celebrate the launch of our Winter Woes campaign we have some great offers for you! For every 5  allergy tests you submit to us between 1st October 2018 and 31st January 2019, we’ll offer you a choice of an Avacta Animal Health gilet or a pair of clogs. The gilets are perfect for those cold dark nights that are now upon us! Terms and Conditions apply.

Each veterinary practice, registered at a single address, will be offered a choice of one item, either a pair of clogs, ordered from JAK marketing, or an Avacta Animal Health gilet, ordered from T-Spirit, for every 5 tests a practice sends in between 1st October 2018 and 31st January 2019. One test is defined as an Avacta Animal Health allergy test, screen with or without an expansion, or package, listed on the September 2018 price list for one individual dog, cat or horse. Therapies, Acute Phase Protein tests and Cyno-DIAL and Feli-DIAL tests are excluded from the offer. The maximum number of items an individual practice can earn is 5, which would equate to 25 tests. You can claim your item by contacting the Avacta Technical Support Team, or your local Territory Manager, who will take down the details of your order (type and size of gilet, size and colour for the clogs). Items will be delivered within 30 days of order either by your local Territory Manager or post, which will be arranged with your Territory Manager. Items must be claimed by  8th February 2019. There is no cash alternative.