Joanne Beardsworth

A day in the life for me at Avacta Animal Health is: Helping vets find solutions and answers for itchy dogs, cats and horses. Allergy testing for environmental and food allergens which ultimately can give valuable information for working out solutions and treatments.  Also with our cLBT test we can help them in their diagnoses and monitoring of patients with lymphoma.
Interests outside of work: Reading theatre and my cats, dog and aged pony.
If I could be an animal, I would be a: It would be a cat as they get to curl up in front of fire all day and get fed tuna.
Favourite film: Mamma Mia as it reminds me of Skopelos.
Ideal holiday destination: Skopelos where I spent 6 years working as a holiday rep and is also where Mamma Mia filmed as its so gorgeous.