Allergy Performance

Serological tests are a major aid to diagnosis by providing a rapid and easy identification of potential offending allergens.

Serological allergy tests are widely used as an aid to diagnosis and selection of allergens for immunotherapy, dietary therapy and other treatment approaches.

ELISA technology has the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy – serum sample sent to laboratory for analysis
  • Requires minimal patient preparation – no clipping or discomfort
  • No adverse reactions
  • No need for referral
  • Standardised procedure
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Not influenced by existing skin pathologies
  • Not necessary to withdraw medications (except high dose corticosteroids) – Click here for more information


With almost 20 years’ experience in this specialist veterinary field our aim is to provide unique serological allergy tests to assist veterinarians globally with their diagnosis and treatment of allergic disease.

  • Latest innovations in technology
  • Team of leading research and development scientists
  • In house manufacturing in our Yorkshire laboratory giving complete process and quality control
  • UK native species of plant allergens
  • Knowledgeable friendly customer service team to provide support and guidance
  • Dedicated client support literature and website to aid compliance
  • Personalised results packs sent out with every test
  • Free pre-paid postal packs for sample submissions
  • Results within 7-10 working days from receipt of sample
  • Storage facility to hold samples free of charge for 3 months when you suspect allergy in your case workup, but are not ready for serological analysis

SENSITEST Allergy Tests Offer:


RELIABILITY – Extremely reliable when the disease is immune-mediated, as the test works by detection of circulating IgE and IgG antibodies specific to food allergens and circulating IgE specific to environmental allergens.


SPECIFICITY – the superior monoclonal antibody developed for Avacta Animal Health by Dr Bruce Hammerberg, one of the world’s leading exponents of immunology at North Carolina State University of Veterinary Medicine.
We have excellent data on our tests that show the specificity of our reagents. This paper is the only publication to show differences in levels of allergen-specific IgE in normal vs atopic cats:

Levels of house dust mite specific serum of immunoglobulin IgE in different cat populations etc., by Bexley, Hogg, Hammerberg, Halliwell


REPRODUCIBILITY – the inter-assay and intra-assay precision consistently shows less than 10% variation. Our rigorous QC department conduct regular split sample analyses and every plate batch is referenced to known positive controls rather than batch on batch.

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